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No Ordinary Day thumbnail
No Ordinary Day eAudiobook
Matt Johnson; John Murray / Richard Attlee

Behind one of the greatest tragedies in UK policing history lies an incredible political scandal. On..

Tamam Shud thumbnail
Tamam Shud eAudiobook
Kerry Greenwood / Kirsty Gillmore

In 1948 a man was found dead on Somerton Beach in Adelaide Australia. Well-dressed and unmarked he h..

Our Georgia thumbnail
Our Georgia eAudiobook
Lynnette Williams; Robin Eveleigh / Mira Dovreni

Georgia Williams' murder at the hands of college pal Jamie Reynolds was a crime that shocked the nat..

Queens of the Underworld thumbnail
Queens of the Underworld eAudiobook
Caitlin Davies / Annie Aldington

Robin Hood Dick Turpin Ronnie Biggs the Krays. . .All have become folk heroes glamorised and romanti..

A Witness of Fact thumbnail
A Witness of Fact eAudiobook
Drew Rooke / Lockie Chapman

For nearly three decades Dr Colin Manock was in charge of South Australia's forensic pathology servi..

So Brilliantly Clever thumbnail
So Brilliantly Clever eAudiobook
Peter Graham / Toby Webster

On June 22 1954 in the depth of a southern winter teenage friends Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker we..

The Husband Poisoner thumbnail
The Husband Poisoner eAudiobook
Tanya Bretherton / Toby Webster

After World War II Sydney experienced a chillingly calculated crime wave thanks to discontent mixed ..

Inside the Mind of John Wayne Gacy thumbnail
Inside the Mind of John Wayne Gacy eAudiobook
Brad Hunter / Robert G. Slade

New York Post and Toronto Sun crime reporter and author of Cold Blooded Murder Brad Hunter has spent..

Cannibal Killers thumbnail
Cannibal Killers eAudiobook
Moira Martingale / Charlotte Strevens

Anthropophagy - humans eating their fellow-humans - creates a curious blend of revulsion and fascina..

Frank Sinatra and the Mafia Murders thumbnail
Frank Sinatra and the Mafia Murders eAudiobook
Detective Mike Rothmiller; Douglas Thompson / Jeff Harding

It was said of the young Frank Sinatra that he came across as 'St Francis of Assisi with a shoulder ..

The Real-Life Murder Clubs thumbnail
The Real-Life Murder Clubs eAudiobook
Nicola Stow / Jennifer Woodward

In 2019 Netflix had a hit with documentary series Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer. ..

End of Innocence thumbnail
End of Innocence eAudiobook
Zoë Apostolides / Julie Maisey

End of Innocence is the first in a non-fiction series ('Truly Unforgotten') exploring UK cold cases...